BET surface area and pore size analyzer JW-BK300D

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Two independent micropore analysis ports. Two independent degassing ports. Two real-time Pos.

Surface area ≥ 0.0005 M2/g, above

Pore size 0.35 to 500 nm

Pore Volume 0.0001 cc/g, above

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Mesopore analysis: BJH method, DHMicropore analysis: t-plot, αs, MP, HK, SF, D & R, NLDFT

Others: Specific surface area, average particle size and shape factor method of conversion


High accuracy and reliability

A unique exhaust or inflatable speed precision control systems, analysis pressure points up to 100 or more.

Each pressure point and equilibrium time can be individually configured and controlled to optimize conditions for your unique requirements

High-sensitivity pressure transducers ensure precise measurements. For Micropore analysis, this design utilizes high-precision low-pressure transducers.

Optimized design minimizes required corrections for non-uniform temperature fields

Technical measures eliminate the effects of liquid nitrogen

Automatic correction of saturated vapor pressure

Clean vacuum system minimizes pollution, leakage (≤ 10-8 cc/sec), and is suitable for long-term continuous use

Liquid Nitrogen Dewar lifting procedure eliminates liquid nitrogen splashes. Sealed unit minimizes the liquid nitrogen evaporation

Pre-treatment temperature and hold time of each sample can be set and automatically controlled independently. Temperature fluctuations ≤ ± 2 ℃

Model JW-BK300B JW-BK300C JW-BK300D
Features One independent micropore port and two independent mesopore analysis ports

Three real-time Pos.

Two independent micropore port and one independent mesopore analysis port

Three real-time Pos.

Three independent micropore analysis ports.

Three real-time Pos.

Measurement ranges Surface area ≥ 0.005 M2/g, above

Pore size 0.35 to 500 nm

Pore Volume 0.0001 cc/g, above

Pump Mechanical pump + Turbomolecular pump
Sample Ports 3
Degassing Ports 3


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Weight 190 lbs
Dimensions 35 x 25 x 37 in

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